We’re committed to promoting a circular economy.

It’s a simple fact - there’s an incredible amount of products out there that once were new and immediately useful. Over time, they end up not being used.

These things took an incredible amount of resources to make. Now, they lay unloved and unused - often destined for the landfill.

Our mission is to change that.

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We see new uses for old things

Vintage and antique items can easily be resold to collectors and enthusiasts.

Broken and incomplete items will be sold on to a burgeoning spares and repairs market to be repurposed into new items.

When something can’t be repurposed - and we always try - we’re committed to recycling them as diligently as possible. Metals, for example, can easily go on to help create something new.

It’s a win-win situation:

we’re helping sustain the circular economy and it’s great for the environment.

So far, we’ve found new lives for:

25 Tonnes of scrap metal
2.8 Tonnes of jewellery
40,000 Watches
7,000 Cameras
4,000 Vintage pens
2,000 Clocks

Vintage Cash Cow is much more than a great way to make money from your old stuff; it’s the perfect way to make sure these things find new life and new potential.

By using our service, you’re contributing to a more responsible circular economy, and helping to support the environment. We want to change the way people see old things - to see that there’s still potential in something, even if it doesn't appeal to you.

We want to help fill pockets, shelves, and display cabinets - not land.

So remember: Don’t bin it. Box it!