Vintage Cash Cow Reviews

At Vintage Cash Cow, we’re confident that you’ll love our service from the minute you sign up to that exciting moment when you receive your cash.

We also understand that posting a box of your belongings to a company you might not have heard of can be a bit nerve-wracking.

We hope not, but you might be asking yourself: “Is Vintage Cash Cow legitimate?“, or even “Is Vintage Cash Cow a scam?”

We’re happy to say that no we are not a scam and yes we are legitimate.

Still, we believe in being upfront and transparent with people, so we thought we’d share some reviews with you to help put your mind at ease.

These are real reviews from some of our 125,000+ customers. We’ve paid out nearly £2,000,000 to our happy customers since we launched in 2016, but that’s just part of why they rate us so highly. Read on to learn more about why they like us so much:

4.8 out of 5

Based on the opinion of 551 people

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5 out of 5

"Exciting friendly company"

29 May 2018


Rapid change and a real sense of energy. Interesting and fun product. bank holidays off. variety. free parking city centre free lunch daily and special food on Friday (bbq etc)


Can be cold in winter

"A Fun Working Environment"

23 April 2018


All staff are very interesting and friendly. Communal lunches where everyone can interact and eat together. Any suggestions on how to improve ways of working are considered seriously, often entering a trialling stage. See a lot of very interesting vintage and antique items.


Every now and then Saturday work is required

"Fast paced, Positive company"

19 June 2019


Exciting, Fast paced, Ethical, Direct contact with founders, Small team big skills.


no cons available at this time.


16 April 2018


- Get to work with unique/interesting Vintage items on a daily basis - Everyone is lovely and willing to work hard to make the company grow - Upper management are approachable - Good HR support


A proper training programme would be nice so we can excel to our full potential and take over the world

"Great company"

11 April 2018


Working with a nice team Handling vintage items is so cool!


None if you ask me. Maybe that Leeds King House can be a little cold in Winter

"I love being a Vintage Cash Cow :) !"

15 March 2018


Since starting this company, I have been given fantastic opportunities to learn and expand my knowledge within the Vintage & Antiques Industry. Not only do I learn something new every day, I get to work with the most amazing team and get praised for the work I do within the company. I have been able to spend time with many sections and steps of the business to see how it runs, which enables to understand my role even better and grasp how vital my part in the expansion of Vintage Cash Cow really is.

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Charity Work

We don’t just help your everyday person make money from their old belongings. Oh no.

We also work with charities under our two charitable ventures: Vintage Cash Cow for Charities and Vintage Giving.

Vintage Cash Cow for Charities works exactly how it sounds: it’s the same dependable Vintage Cash Cow service but we work directly with charity shops across the UK to help them raise more funds from their donated items.

We’re trying to make a real difference to the way charity shops see some of their donated items, with the end goal being more money for the end cause. Our Metal Price Promise, for example, allows charities to earn at least £1 per kilo of scrap metal - most shops are currently getting about 0.05p per kilo, and some are reporting to get nothing at all.

We work with a whole host of charities from nationwide causes such as Scope and Mind to smaller charities such as hospices. Most recently, we partnered with all 400 of Age UK’s nationwide charity shops.

Vintage Giving Is also powered by everything that makes Vintage Cash Cow great, but its focus is on helping individuals raise money for their chosen charities by donating old and vintage items. The donor simply fills a box full of items they want to convert into funds and sends it to us. Our team of experts then values the box and sends funds directly to the chosen charity in the donor’s name. Simple!